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How are the relations between the managing company and me regulated?
The relations are regulated on the basis of the power of attorney that you submit to broker.

The power of attorney shall specify the manager of the managed account that you decided to invest into and the scheme of commissions to be received by the managing company (in our case, there is only a performance fee). The Broker guarantees accurate and timely settlements.

The power of attorney does not entitle anybody to withdraw funds from the account. Only you can withdraw funds from your account.
What currency is an account opened in?
You can open an account in any of the currencies available with your chosen broker. The default currency of the joint managed account is USD.
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount must be at least $ 100 000 (or its equivalent in the currency of your choice).
What is the maximum investment amount?
There are no maximum limitations. For amounts higher than $ 100 000 account can be partially funded via the banking guaranteethe with the bank broker.
What is the time-limit for an investment?
There are no limitations regarding the term of the investment. You can change the size of your investments at any time. However, to achieve the expected results, the optimum term for an investment is at least 12 months.
How long does it take to deposit / withdraw funds?
It depends on the bank you work with. Generally, the withdrawal of funds takes no more than 1–2 days. We cannot speed up or slow down this process. The time it takes depends only on the bank's procedures.
Is there any additional control mechanism to mitigate losses?
Bank broker utilizes an effective risk mitigation tool. You can independently set the maximum allowed losses on your investments (we strongly recommend that you do so), i.e. duplicate the maximum threshold of 10% allowed in our investment strategy. When this value is reached, all your funds will be automatically withdrawn by the bank from the managed account and placed into your personal account.

This is an effective mechanism of additional control and risk mitigation.
How are my funds protected?
1. Each client's funds are protected against broker's bankruptcy in accordance with the jurisdiction law of the broker chosen.

2. Trading risks can be further mitigated when investing with bank broker by setting a stop-loss order at 10% of the invested capital and we recommend using this tool. Upon reaching this limit, all funds will be instantly withdrawn from the joint managed account and transferred to the client's personal account.

3. When the month ends with a positive result and a new maximum of capital is reached, the maximum risk level of 10% on the investment account is calculated according to the new state of the account.

Thus, the maximum risk for the initially invested capital gradually diminishes.
Does a broker check the legality of the origin of the funds invested?
1. When doing business with the bank-broker, you are required to be ready to confirm the legality of the origin of the funds that you plan to invest.

2. Non-bank broker assumes that the bank from which you transfer your funds has already carried out the necessary check-ups. If suspicion arises, broker may request additional information.
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